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Handmade clay pots

Handmade clay pots can be used for nearly anything. They can be very utilitarian in design, artistic in form, or any ratio of the two. This blend of form and function is what has made pottery one of humankind's most long-standing traditions.

Handmade clay pots have been used for thousands of years. Cultures dating back to nearly the Stone Age have created their own unique pottery, each with its own distinct style and characteristics. While the earliest examples of these were undoubtedly used for functional purposes such as storing food and water, they were still often decorated to some degree.

Today, while there is no "need" for handmade clay pots, the fact is that they are still exceptionally popular. They can be used for any number of purposes, from practical flowerpots to highly decorative pieces of artwork. They can also be found through vendors in nearly ever city and town in the country.